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Welcome to Phantom Screens of Ventura County and Santa Barbara, the preferred provider for Phantom retractable screens in Thousand Oaks, CA. As a proud representative and authorized dealer of the industry-leading Phantom Screens brand, we offer top-quality, professionally installed window screens and screen doors for Thousand Oaks homeowners who value style and functionality.

What We Offer

We specialize in providing Thousand Oaks homeowners with superior bug screen door options designed to keep your living spaces free from pests and bugs. Our selection of screen doors for Thousand Oaks residents ensures that you can enjoy fresh air without the annoyance of insects. Whether you need a retractable screen for a single door, multiple bug screens for doors throughout your home, or a dedicated bug screen for doors leading to outdoor spaces, our products stand as the epitome of quality and functionality. Each retractable screen we offer is meticulously installed to blend seamlessly with your home’s aesthetics, ensuring that style never compromises protection.

Retractable Door Screens – Our door screens come in various designer colors to match your home’s interior or exterior finishes. They fit all door types—in-swing, out-swing, single, double, or patio sliders—and retract out of sight when not in use.

Retractable Window Screens – Our retractable window screens keep the insects out and the fresh air in, while disappearing when not in use, letting you enjoy an unobstructed view all year round.

Retractable Large Opening Screens – Embrace the best of Ventura County outdoors! Our large opening screens enable you to have an outdoor living space that offers protection from pests and the sun’s harsh glare. Perfect for patios, porches, and any large openings, our garage door bug screen lets you spend time in your garage without being bothered by mosquitoes and other bugs.

Phantom Screens Have Innovative Features

Phantom retractable screens are customizable with the best features available for your safety and peace of mind. 

Installation, Service, and Maintenance

A trained specialist will come to your home in Thousand Oaks to discuss your needs and expectations before any work is done and to schedule your professional installation. They will measure and discuss latches, mesh, motorized, and color options for your windows, doors, balconies, patios and porches.

Retractable screens stay cleaner than fixed screens, and should be cleaned once or twice a season by wiping with mild detergent and water to remove dust. If anything goes wrong or an accident damages your Phantom screens, a quick call will have us on our way to repair or replace as needed.

Amazing Colors and Patterns for Practical Beauty

Most screens come in a limited number of materials and colors which are generally shades of gray. Phantom retractable screens come in designer colors and wood grain patterns that offer more than insect protection and ventilation. Imagine a bamboo pattern dividing screen or a fabric appearance that improves privacy and solar heat control. Explore the beautiful and practical screen colors and patterns to truly enhance the natural beauty and decor of your Thousand Oaks home.

Why Choose Phantom Screens of Ventura County and Santa Barbara?

Trustworthy & Excellent Service: Our founder, Rafael De Alba, built our company on a solid foundation of honesty, excellence, customer service, and community involvement. With over 15 years of experience in the screen industry, Rafael and his team are dedicated to serving Thousand Oaks residents with unmatched Phantom screen installation services.

Innovative Retractable Screens: Our screens are there when you need them, invisible when you don’t. Enjoy a breeze without the bugs, or a clear view without the glare. Whatever your need, our range of Phantom retractable screens offer a seamless blend of convenience and elegance.

Lifetime Warranty: We stand behind our products with a limited lifetime warranty. Our screens are built to last and enhance your lifestyle for many years to come.

Searching for ‘Phantom screen dealers near me’ or ‘Phantom doors near me’? Your search ends here. Phantom Screens of Ventura County and Santa Barbara is committed to enhancing your lifestyle with the best retractable screen solutions. Contact us today for a consultation and transform your Thousand Oaks home with Phantom Screens.