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Wall Screens for Large Openings

Enhancing Oversized Door Systems, Porches, and Patios

In the picturesque locales of Ventura County and Santa Barbara, the integration of indoor and outdoor living spaces is not just a luxury, but a way of life. To seamlessly blend these spaces while ensuring comfort and aesthetic appeal, retractable screens play a pivotal role. Particularly, retractable door screens, retractable patio door screens, retractable porch screens, and large retractable screen doors are innovative solutions for homeowners seeking to maximize their living spaces.

Large retractable screens for oversized openings offer smooth operation and optimum control, featuring an integrated quick-release thumb latch for easy in and out access. These screens can span 24′ wide openings that are up to 10′ tall.

Retractable patio door screens by Phantom provide insect protection, climate control, and solar shading without blocking your view. These retractable screens for patio doors can span 40′ wide.

We have retractable door screens for every home and budget. 

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Retractable Door Screens for Oversized Systems

The charm of oversized door systems lies in their ability to create expansive views and fluid transitions between indoor and outdoor areas. However, the challenge of protecting these wide openings from insects and harsh sunlight without compromising the view can be significant. This is where retractable door screens come into play. These bug screens for doors are designed to be discreet and functional, retracting seamlessly when not in use, and providing protection and comfort when deployed.

Retractable Patio Door Screens: Merging Functionality and Elegance

Patio doors are gateways to serene outdoor experiences. Retractable patio door screens enhance this experience by offering an unobtrusive barrier against bugs and debris. These bug screens are tailored to fit the specific dimensions of your patio doors, ensuring a perfect blend of functionality and elegance. The screens’ discreet nature means they don’t detract from the beauty of your patio doors but rather complement them.

Porches are versatile spaces for relaxation, entertainment, or enjoying a quiet moment in nature. Retractable porch screens transform these areas into more usable and comfortable spaces. By choosing retractable screens for porches, homeowners can easily control their exposure to the elements. These screens provide the flexibility to enjoy the fresh air without the annoyance of insects and can be retracted to fully appreciate unobstructed views.

Large Retractable Screen Solutions

For larger openings, such as bi-fold doors, sliding glass walls, or large window systems, a large retractable screen is an ideal solution. These screens are designed to cover extensive areas, providing protection and comfort without compromising the architectural integrity or the aesthetic appeal of large openings. The beauty of a large retractable screen door lies in its ability to disappear when not needed, ensuring that the design and view of your space remain uninterrupted.

Retractable Screens for Porches: Enhancing Outdoor Living

Retractable screens for porches are not just about keeping the bugs out— they are about enhancing the quality of your outdoor living experience. These bug screens can be customized to fit any porch size and style, ensuring a seamless integration with your home’s architecture. With these screens, you can enjoy your porch in any weather, at any time of the day, making it a versatile extension of your living space.

Whether it’s a retractable door screen for your oversized door system, a retractable patio door screen for your elegant patio, a retractable porch screen for your cozy porch, or a large retractable screen door for your extensive openings, these solutions offer the perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and style. Enhance your Ventura County or Santa Barbara home with these innovative screen solutions and enjoy the beauty of your surroundings without compromise.

Why Choose Us for Your Retractable Door Screens

Our products, from bug screens for doors to large retractable screen doors, offer unparalleled protection against insects, enhancing your indoor-outdoor living experience. Whether you’re looking to safeguard your home or extend the usability of your porch, our screens provide the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Customizable Solutions: Understanding that homes come in various styles and sizes, we offer customizable retractable door screens, including retractable patio door screens and porch screens that are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your home’s architecture.

Innovation and Durability: Our retractable screens for porches and doors are designed with innovation and longevity in mind. Built to withstand the elements and regular use, our screens offer a durable solution to bug protection, ensuring your comfort and satisfaction for years to come.

Professional Installation and Service: With a team of experts dedicated to excellence, we guarantee a professional installation process and attentive customer service. We’re committed to providing you with a hassle-free experience from start to finish, ensuring your retractable screens are installed to perfection.

Cities Served

We are proud to serve a wide range of cities, bringing our top-quality bug screens and large retractable screen solutions to customers throughout the region. Our service areas include:

  • Camarillo
  • Carpinteria
  • El Rio
  • Lompoc
  • Montecito
  • Moorpark
  • Newbury Park
  • Oak Park
  • Oak View
  • Ojai
  • Oxnard
  • Port Hueneme
  • Santa Barbara
  • Santa Rosa Valley
  • Saticoy
  • Simi Valley
  • Somis
  • Thousand Oaks
  • Ventura


Each of these cities is home to customers who have experienced the benefits of our retractable screens, from enhanced comfort and bug protection to improved aesthetics and functionality of their living spaces. Whether you reside in the bustling city of Ventura or the serene surroundings of Montecito, we’re here to serve your needs and exceed your expectations with our premium retractable screen solutions.

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