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Bathed in the golden Californian sun, Ventura is a coastal paradise where the Pacific Ocean’s serene whispers meet a vibrant urban heartbeat. Its picturesque beaches, historic downtown, and thriving arts scene make it a haven for those who appreciate the finer aspects of coastal living. However, living in such an exquisite locale comes with its own set of challenges—the need to effortlessly merge the indoors with the stunning outdoors, ensuring comfort isn’t compromised. This is where we step in.

As Ventura’s authorized Phantom Screens dealer, we’ve harmonized the benefits of outdoor living with the luxuries of indoor comfort. By blending Ventura’s architectural elegance with Phantom’s innovative design, we offer the best of both worlds—a truly enhanced Ventura living experience.

What We Offer

At Phantom Screens of Ventura County, we deliver retractable door screens and retractable window screens that are expertly designed to offer superior protection against bugs, seamlessly integrating with your home’s design. Whether you’re looking for a bug screen door that vanishes when not in use, door screens that blend with your home’s aesthetics, or a garage door bug screen to enhance your outdoor living space, our products are the perfect fit. Our bug screens for doors and windows are not only effective in keeping out pests but also retract discreetly, ensuring they don’t detract from the beauty of your home. With our door screen and window screen options, you can enjoy fresh air and clear views without compromising on style or functionality.

Retractable Door Screens – Step up the sophistication with our Phantom screen doors in Ventura. Suited for in-swing, out-swing, single, double, or patio slider doors, they are accentuated with either latch & release or magnet handle options. Each screen door retracts gracefully, promising functionality with an aesthetic edge.

Retractable Window Screens – Enhance your window views with Phantom retractable window screens. They’re specially designed to fit casement, awning, single and double-hung, sliding, and tilt ‘n’ turn windows. Retracting seamlessly when not in use, they ensure you bask in Ventura’s sunsets without compromising on protection from pesky insects or UV rays.

Retractable Large Opening Screens – Spaces with grand openings deserve an equally grand solution. Phantom retractable large opening screens cater to oversized doorways, patios and porches, ensuring an uninterrupted view of Ventura’s coastline, all while providing the desired privacy and insect protection.

Why Ventura Homeowners Trust Phantom Screens of Ventura County and Santa Barbara

When it comes to merging the outdoor allure of Ventura with the indoor comforts of home, there’s no compromise. Ventura residents cherish their sun-dappled days and breezy evenings, and it’s our mission to enhance that experience. Our Phantom retractable screens seamlessly integrate with the architectural nuances of Ventura homes, from the historic charm of downtown residences to the modern elegance of oceanfront properties.

Searching for “Phantom retractable screens near me” in Ventura? Look no further. Our dedication to this city extends beyond our products—it’s reflected in the relationships we build.

It’s not just about the limited lifetime warranty or the superior craftsmanship—it’s about understanding the Ventura lifestyle. Founder Rafael De Alba’s commitment, driven by Phantom’s core values, ensures that each screen installed resonates with the home’s character, aesthetic, and the homeowner’s aspirations.

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Bask in the brilliance of Ventura without barriers. Experience superior Phantom screen installation and redefine your coastal living. Reach out for a complimentary in-home consultation.